Bluware VDS – A Data Environment Making Seismic AI Easier

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  • Bluware VDS – A Data Environment Making Seismic AI Easier

Dan Piette, CEO of Bluware, spoke with Digital Energy Journal about Bluware VDS cloud-native data environment to enable deep learning in seismic interpretation workflows.

Bluware, a seismic technology company headquartered in Houston, developed a data storage environment for storing seismic data, which makes it much easier to run AI algorithms when streaming data from the cloud, says Dan Piette, CEO of Bluware.

The format, called VDS (Volume Data Store), is a modern alternative to the SEG-Y seismic data format. VDS has been developed and improvised since 2003, when Bluware developed a software platform for a major international oil company to use in desktop geoscience applications.

Bluware’s founders previously worked in the computer game industry, who had different expectations than other oil and gas software companies about how fast software should run.

Read the full article here.

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