Geocap Integrates OpenVDS into the ArcGIS Platform

Geocap AS, an Esri partner specializing in subsurface extensions and add-ins for ArcGIS, has recently added support for seismic data in OpenVDS format in their Ground Model for ArcGIS and Subsurface Portal for ArcGIS applications.

In 2019 Bluware contributed OpenVDS to The Open Group OSDU Data Platform to provide the energy industry with an efficient way to store and retrieve subsurface data in the cloud or on-premises. Its adaptive streaming capability eliminates data duplication. OpenVDS is considered a standard data format on the OSDU Data Platform.

“We are confident that by leveraging the data management and collaboration capabilities of ArcGIS, along with the advantages offered by OpenVDS, such as data compression and cost-effective cloud storage, our powerful visualization and integration tools, will deliver substantial benefits to our clients. With OpenVDS support, we have not only made our solutions OSDU-ready but also ensured they are future-proof.”

Erlend Kvinnesland, CEO of Geocap

With 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, particularly in seabed mapping, site investigation, and subsurface exploration, Geocap has now expanded into the offshore wind industry where they leverage their expertise to develop tailored solutions for this sector.

The offshore wind sector collects a vast amount of seismic data, and there is a growing need to effectively manage and distribute this data. By making subsurface data available in ArcGIS it is easy to integrate all data across multiple disciplines, allowing teams to see new connections and communicate the results with other stakeholders in the project.

“The adoption of OpenVDS implemented in ArcGIS by Geocap for the offshore wind sector means that ultra-high resolution seismic data can now be efficiently stored and consumed to liberate new insights through modern workflows. We are pleased to see the use of OpenVDS to contribute to the energy transition by accelerating insights and improving the economics of the offshore wind industry.”

Morten Ofstad, Head of Research & Development at Bluware.

“The ArcGIS support for OpenVDS has significant implications for interoperability, efficiency, and visualization for the energy industry. Teaming this with the OSDU Geospatial Consumption Zone will allow organizations to not only browse their OSDU data spatially, but then engage with that data leveraging industry standard formats. With Geocaps’ access for OpenVDS, ArcGIS becomes even more powerful, empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their geospatial data, maps and apps and further drive innovation in the industry.”

Brian Boulmay, Director of Petroleum Community and Solutions at Esri

About Bluware, a CMG Company

Bluware leverages the latest cloud and artificial intelligence innovations to revolutionize geoscience data and interpretation workflows so geoscientists can deliver faster and smarter decisions about the subsurface. Today, Bluware is a part of Computer Modelling Group (CMG) as a wholly owned subsidiary. For more information, visit

About Geocap AS

Geocap specializes in creating geoscience software for ArcGIS. Their solution brings all relevant subsurface data, interpretation, and analyses into a single location-based platform allowing their users to identify patterns and relationships that they may have missed before, providing them with a complete picture and a common ground for making the right decisions.

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