ExplOre Data Further with Headwave

Headwave™ removes the limitations created by seismic data size to enable full visualization, interactivity, and computation delivering value across the E&P workflow to reduce uncertainty and accelerate time to first oil.


Exploration, Development and Interpretation Teams

Work in the interpretation environment and perform real-time calculations, decreasing re-processing time and costs, allowing you to be in full control of your data and have a complete understanding of the subsurface environment.

E&P Research Teams

Prototype and test workflows in a full geoscience environment that can be applied immediately on data making deployment and use by asset teams easy.

Seismic Acquisition and Data Management Teams

Store and manage seismic data in VDS format enabling fast random access and adaptive streaming capabilities.


  • Gathers
  • Velocities
  • 2D & 3D seismic and seismic attributes
  • Well trajectories, logs, and markers
  • Horizons
  • Faults
  • Surfaces

Interpretation at the Speed of Thought

Integration with Existing Workflows

Integrate with existing workflows and tools to leverage all the capabilities available in current software tools, including Petrel® and OpenWorks®.

Custom Workflow Automation

Create post-processing workflows and automatically apply them to new data and projects.

WAZ - Pre-Stack Multi-Azimuth Interpretation

Discover offset and azimuth-ranged gathers and sections interactively.

InteractivAI™ Deep Learning

Train, infer, and interpret your seismic data in real-time.

Multi-Basin Scale Prospect Evaluation

Work in multiple basins across a vast region.

Quantitative Interpretation and Model Building

Perform multiple computations in real-time. 

Gather Enhancement and Seismic Conditioning

Experience interactive gather enhancement and seismic conditioning.

Velocity Analysis

Create multiple scenarios of faster and slower velocities.

Zone Model Building

Build watertight structural frameworks and a sealed model using a series of horizons on-the-fly.

Headwave in Action

Build watertight structural frameworks and a sealed model using a series of horizons on-the-fly.

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