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The upstream oil and gas industry has experienced a longstanding challenge to efficiently and reliably access subsurface data on a global scale, largely attributable to outdated technology and infrastructure.

As we saw in the 90’s, manual processes and mainframe calculations were superseded by high-powered workstations and 3D workflows.

And in the last decade, the industry experienced a multi-year economic downturn that dramatically changed the outlook of the sector, ushering a time of renewed efficiency and innovation.

Today, the industry is once again poised for major change.

In 2018, a group of energy-focused software companies, namely Bluware, Headwave, Hue, and Kalkulo AS merged to become Bluware Corp. to empower change, growth, and a sustainable future for the energy sector.

As companies pivot from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources, the combination of new industry standards, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence will be critical for companies to adapt quickly, work smarter, and continue to be profitable. Companies that adapt faster will have a significant advantage over their competition.

Today, we are part of Computer Modelling Group (CMG) as a wholly owned subsidiary and will continue to operate independently as a CMG portfolio company. CMG’s acquisition of Bluware will bring together differentiated technologies and expand product offerings to add value to energy customers.


Bluware, a CMG company, leverages the latest cloud and AI innovations to revolutionize geoscience data and interpretation workflows so geoscientists can deliver faster and smarter decisions about the subsurface.

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With more than 20 years of experience delivering technology for the people who shape the E&P industry, we’re changing the industry one petabyte at a time. Learn about our team.

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