Dan Piette

Dan Piette joined Bluware in 2018 as CEO. Mr. Piette previously served as a board member of Petroleum Geo-Services, a publicly traded marine seismic acquisition, and president, CEO, and executive chairman of TerraSpark Geociences, a seismic data interpretation software technology company. He also served as President, CEO, and a Board Member of Object Reservoir and President and CEO of OpenSpirit Corporation. Each of these companies were dedicated to delivering new technology to the oil and gas industry and were successfully sold to various oil field service or horizontal software companies. After receiving his Bachelor of Science with honors in Mining Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1980, Piette started his career with Exxon Minerals, working in both hard rock and oil shale projects. Piette held several executive management positions in the oil and gas industry, including general manager postings in Singapore and Caracas. Mr. Piette was a key employee of Landmark Graphics when they introduced new 3D seismic interpretation tools to the upstream oil and gas industry. Additionally, Mr. Piette was instrumental in the introduction of various new technologies to the industry, from gravity gradient data to computer generated mapping and economic analysis.

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