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HOUSTON, October 26, 2021 – Bluware Corp, the digital innovation platform that enables the oil and gas industry to accelerate digital transformation initiatives, is pleased to announce the release of InteractivAI™ version 3, with industry-leading features including time slice labeling tools, faster quality control, and multiple interpretation layer capabilities to aid in deep learning-infused seismic interpretation workflows.

Powered by Bluware VDS™, InteractivAI version 3 runs on Bluware’s compute platform enabling advanced deep learning workflows utilizing NVIDIA® TensorRT™ for high-performance inference, which further enhances the interactive experience for interpreters.

InteractivAI is a true interpretation tool that unleashes the full power of deep learning. It fits seamlessly into any existing geoscience workflow, providing greater flexibility for users.

True to its name, the interactivity allows the expert to instantly react to the neural network’s insights and interpret any feature of interest including shallow hazards, injectites, channels, bright spots, and more.

“Our InteractivAI team is delivering the tightest closed-loop deep learning system between interpreters and their machines. Putting the power of deep learning alongside the experience and judgement of an expert is a potent new way to make interpreters more efficient and valuable to their organization,” said Paul Endresen, CTO of Bluware.

“With this latest release of InteractivAI, our customers can derive significant efficiencies in interpreting tough data sets holistically. This is another leap forward in machine learning for energy companies who are seeking new ways to deliver greater accuracy in less time,” noted Dan Piette, CEO of Bluware.

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