full control of your interpretation with InteractivAI

Geoscientists are in full control of their subsurface interpretation results with Bluware InteractivAI™, a trusted tool to improve geoscientists effectiveness during their interpretation workflow.

Bluware Interactivai

Interpretation Results Achieved in Hours vs. Months

Spend More Time on Science Instead of Data Preparation

Accelerate workflows and remove the lengthy and expensive step of data preparation in the seismic interpretation process. Develop machine learning network training on entire data sets and augment in real-time using Bluware’s distributed compute engine framework.

  • Reduced data preparation time
  • Full control over the accuracy of the results
  • High speed random data access
  • Direct access to live data allows the engine to adjust adaptively
  • Eliminate batch processing

Current Deep Learning Implementations Begins with a Lengthy Data Preparation Step

Seismic data is broken into images of slices and then into tiles before randomizing the images to be loaded into deep learning tools. This data preparation step is time consuming, static in nature, and needs to be repeated for each dimension of data (inline vs. crossline).

Traditional Batch Processing Takes Days Before Training can Start.

InteractivAI Eliminates Data Preparation


Adaptively Stream the Data You Want When You Need It

Bluware InteractivAI is a service which creates complex geo-bodies from seismic data. Your data is never copied and stays within your network with the power of Bluware Volume Data Store (VDS). Bluware’s adaptive streaming technology is applied by sending only the data required for the deep learning process and quickly serves it for your workflow.



“Our machine-learning can process seismic data to find geologic faults faster. Depending on the geology, some fault lines can help oil and gas migrate to the surface while others can disrupt drilling operations. Machine learning allows him to do that work in two hours when it used to take geologists two months through pore through the data. That’s transformational.”

Tim Roden

Shell GeoSigns Software Manager


Spend more time on science instead of data preparation and start training and interpreting your seismic data in real-time.