BP, Microsoft, & Bluware Panel on Challenges & Solutions for Transitioning to the Cloud

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In the last several years, digital transformation and the migration to the cloud has been a major focus for the energy industry.

Panelists James MoranBP’s Vice President of dataWorx, Innovation, and Engineering, Sverre Brandsberg-DahlMicrosoft’s CTO of Azure Global Energy, and Dan Piette, CEO at Bluware, are in key leadership roles of this ongoing transition to the cloud in one of the most challenging data and compute intensive domains – seismic data acquisition, management, and processing for oil and gas exploration and development.

Panel moderator Ram Shenoy, CEO of RBR Group with more than 30 years of experience and insights in the energy industry, leads the discussion. Panelists offer their perspective on the ongoing transition, challenges faced, and insights on how our industry can embrace the potential of the cloud while navigating the challenges, using open standards and commercial solutions.

BP, Microsoft, & Bluware Panel Webinar: Challenges & Solutions for Transitioning to the Cloud


Panel Moderator, Ram Shenoy, CEO of RBR Group and President of TiE

Dr. Ram Shenoy is an angel investor and co-founder/board member of several startup companies based on machine learning, materials science and sensing, grid-scale renewable energy storage, and operations. He is also CEO of the RBR Group, a technology products and services commercialization company working with Global Fortune 500 clients. He is the current President of the Houston Chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), a global non-profit organization devoted to entrepreneurship. Dr. Shenoy previously served as Chief Technology Officer of ConocoPhillips.

James Moran, Vice President of dataWorx, Innovation and Engineering at BP

James Moran is the global head of data management, engineering, analytics, and science in BP’s innovation and engineering group including production, operations, refining, HSE and business services. He is helping to reinvent BP through better use of data. Prior to joining BP, he served as managing consultant at Landmark Graphics and Halliburton.

Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl, Partner, CTO of Azure Global Energy at Microsoft

Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl is leading Microsoft’s efforts in leveraging the latest technical innovations in Cloud Computing and AI across the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining Microsoft, Sverre was the Global Chief Geophysicist for the Imaging and Engineering Division at PGS. He started his career with BP working as a research geophysicist in the company’s upstream group.

Dan Piette, CEO at Bluware

Dan Piette joined Bluware in 2018 as CEO. He previously served on board and c-suite level positions for Petroleum Geo-Services, TerraSpark Geociences, Object Reservoir, and OpenSpirit. Each of these companies were dedicated to delivering new technology to the oil and gas industry and were successfully sold to various oil field service or horizontal software companies. In addition, Piette was a key employee of Landmark Graphics when 3D seismic interpretation tools were introduced.

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