Wind Asset Management Tool Developed for Norway’s Largest Wind Power Producer

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  • Wind Asset Management Tool Developed for Norway’s Largest Wind Power Producer
The Bluware Consulting Services team was tasked to create a powerful and visually engaging data analysis tool that enables Statkraft, Norway’s largest wind power producer, to maintain wind farms more efficiently and maximize long-term profitability.

Industry Concern:

Wind power must compete with conventional energy-generation sources on a cost basis. Efficient wind farm design, development, and operational management are critical factors that determine the overall cost effectiveness of wind energy production and profitability.


Torch is a powerful software tool that enables wind farm owners to maintain wind power plants more efficiently and maximize long-term profitability. Developed by Bluware in collaboration with Statkraft, Torch provides important functionality needed for business decisions that is lacking in legacy tools used by the wind industry. Torch delivers the insight needed for making accurate assessments, which in turn provide critical inputs for effective decision-making. It does this by providing an interactive and totally transparent analysis of data acquired from all turbines in a wind farm and, in aggregate, across collections of wind farms. With a robust suite of functional capabilities, Torch enables wind farm owners to perform a range of essential wind energy production analyses, including the identification of underperforming and defective turbines, thereby improving maintenance dispatch and up-time utilization.

Torch is based on Bluware’s Data Integration and Decision Support System (DIDSy), which provides a graph-oriented representation and execution of live data pipelines, aggregating input-data from multiple sources. While Torch addresses specific business challenges associated with developing and operating wind farms, it also provides a high-level starting point for accelerating wind farm development and operational deployment and effectively managing clustered energy production, including hydroelectric, solar, and geothermal energy. Torch is implemented as a client-server application, composed of four modules. Download the full case study to learn more.


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