Petrobras Signs Five-Year Multi-Million-Dollar Agreement for Large-Scale Deployment of Bluware Technologies

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  • Petrobras Signs Five-Year Multi-Million-Dollar Agreement for Large-Scale Deployment of Bluware Technologies

HOUSTON, TX – February 28, 2023 – Bluware Corp. is pleased to announce that Petrobras signed a five-year multi-million-dollar agreement for a large-scale deployment of Bluware VDS™ data compression, FAST™ data streaming, and InteractivAI™ deep learning solutions for seismic interpretation.

Petrobras chooses Bluware technology to facilitate their journey to the cloud, accelerate workflows, and extract more information from their subsurface data in a shorter amount of time.

Bluware FAST provides data streaming of large seismic volumes using Bluware VDS from the cloud or on-premises to any user, anywhere, at any time. InteractivAI™, an AI-augmented seismic interpretation tool, helps geoscientists provide more accurate and detailed results in real-time.

Bluware is represented in Brazil by IesBrazil Technology and Innovation who has been serving Petrobras locally for the past 20 years with leading edge technologies.

“We are pleased to be a part of Petrobras’ long-term digital transformation goals by providing technology that improves interpretation accuracy across subsurface workflows. We are proud to partner with Petrobras on their OSDU™ Data Platform cloud journey which is a strong testament to our people and technology,” says Dan Piette, CEO of Bluware.

About Bluware Corp.
Bluware enables oil and gas companies to solve the most challenging objectives in the petrotechnical world. E&P companies use Bluware to achieve previously unthinkable workflows using cloud computing and deep learning for subsurface data applications and workflows. For more information, visit

About IesBrazil
IesBrazil is an active OSDU™ Forum Member, dedicated to innovative and market proven technologies for Oil&Gas industry, with a legacy experience from his founder since 1980 and track records of disruptive technologies launched in Brasil for decades. Please see more at and

Access official press release in Portuguese here.

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