OpenVDS Supported as the Default Seismic Data Format on the Open Group OSDU™ Data Platform

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  • OpenVDS Supported as the Default Seismic Data Format on the Open Group OSDU™ Data Platform

HOUSTON, TX – March 15, 2022 – OpenVDS, an open-source API for rapid random access to seismic data, is now considered the default format on the Open Group OSDU™ Data Platform.

In 2019 Bluware contributed OpenVDS to the OSDU Data Platform to provide the energy industry a modern and cost-effective approach to efficiently store and retrieve subsurface data in the cloud. Data stored in VDS can be converted back to any format. The adaptive streaming capability allows the data signal quality to be catered for each workflow, thereby minimizing data storage, eliminating data duplication, and optimizing usage in the cloud or on-premises.

Seismic workflows are supported by many software vendors delivering a host of innovative software solutions that are critical to energy companies. The vendors of these solutions are showing their commitment to the OSDU Forum and industry standards by adopting OpenVDS as the default format.

“This momentum for OpenVDS removes any doubt about moving 2D, 3D, and 4D data (prestack and poststack) to the cloud and clears the path for migration of existing seismic workflows and applications to the platform. This decision brings clarity to the future of seismic data on the OSDU Data Platform and accelerates companies moving and using data on the cloud,” stated Dan Piette, CEO of Bluware.

The OSDU Forum enables bold discussions about standards that both serve and simplify how companies can be more efficient when working with subsurface data.

OpenVDS helps OSDU Forum members address the challenges faced by the energy industry in managing large amounts of seismic data, both from a storage and access standpoint, as companies move to the cloud to achieve cost efficiencies.

Learn how support for OpenVDS is growing across the industry.
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