Machine Learning in Seismic Interpretation Benefits Speed & Quality

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  • Machine Learning in Seismic Interpretation Benefits Speed & Quality

Lap time: 43 seconds!

Recent developments clearly illustrate that using ML in seismic interpretation benefits both speed and quality.

“This is an inline from a 3D seismic survey in the North Sea. What may look like noise to the layman, we actually know is the signature of injectites,” says Erik Holtar in Bluware, a company that has a mission “to enable the oil and gas industry to explore the full value of seismic data”.

Ever increasing volumes of seismic data is a huge challenge for interpreters. This is why machine learning (ML) may help decrease the time spent on interpreting a data set, while at the same time improve the quality of the interpretation.

Holtar accepted our challenge to prove that this is the case, and to fully prove his point he selected a data set covering an area with possible injectites. Another reason for selecting this area is that Equinor has made a complete set of data from the Volve oil field (block 15/9, due north of Sleipner Øst) available for research, study and development purposes.

Read the article here.

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