Geo Oil Energy to Represent Bluware in Colombia

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  • Geo Oil Energy to Represent Bluware in Colombia

HOUSTON, TX – June 18, 2020 – Geo Oil Energy a company specialized in the marketing and implementation of new technologies, products, and services that provide value in the areas of Geology and Geophysics, is pleased to represent Bluware Corp. in Colombia.

Bluware enables the oil and gas industry to extract the maximum business value from seismic data without the limitations forced by data size and current interpretation software. E&P customers can increase their workflow through cloud solutions and deep learning, so geoscientists can make faster and smarter decisions to reduce time to oil.

“After a thorough review of Bluware´s success with several major oil companies such as Shell and BP, we immediately recognized the value for our Colombian clients. Extracting value from seismic data is still very challenging due to size and complexity. Bluware’s technologies will enable the industry to remove those barriers, accelerating workflows and improving business decisions,” commented Sonia Ponguta, President of Geo Oil Energy.

“We welcome Geo Oil Energy as our exclusive partner for Colombia. Their proven experience combined with their passion for customers, is the combination we seek in our sales partners. Colombia has large onshore and offshore reserves and Bluware’s technology can have a significant role in delivering solid business value,” says Michele Isernia, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Bluware.

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