Bluware Releases OpenVDS Version 3.0 to the Open Group OSDU™ Data Platform

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  • Bluware Releases OpenVDS Version 3.0 to the Open Group OSDU™ Data Platform

HOUSTON, TX – September 13, 2022 – Bluware Corp., the digital platform that enables the oil and gas industry to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and adopt cloud computing for subsurface data, is pleased to release OpenVDS Version 3.0 to The Open Group OSDU™ Data Platform, an open-source storage format for fast random access to multi-dimensional volumetric data.

New major key features include automatic generation of level-of-detail (LODs), the ability to modify the metadata of VDS after it has been created/opened, a log callback interface, better error handling, and updated third-party dependencies. In addition, the SEGYImport and VDSCopy features now support resuming an incomplete import/copy.

OpenVDS is considered the default format on the OSDU Data Platform. In 2019 Bluware contributed OpenVDS to the OSDU Data Platform to provide the energy industry a modern and cost-effective approach to efficiently store and retrieve subsurface data in the cloud. Data stored in OpenVDS can be converted back to any format. The adaptive streaming capability allows the data signal quality to be catered for each workflow, thereby minimizing data storage, eliminating data duplication, and optimizing usage in the cloud or on-premises.

“Bluware continues to support OSDU Forum members through the latest release of OpenVDS as they address the challenges of managing large amounts of seismic data, both from a storage and access standpoint. We believe this data format will help companies move to the cloud to achieve cost efficiencies,” noted Dan Piette, CEO of Bluware.

About Bluware Corp.

Bluware enables oil and gas companies to solve the most challenging objectives in the petrotechnical world. E&P companies use Bluware to achieve previously unthinkable workflows using cloud computing and deep learning for subsurface data applications and workflows. For more information, visit

About The Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe Forum

The Open Subsurface Data Universe™ Forum is an international forum of oil and gas operators, cloud services companies, technology providers, suppliers of applications to oil and gas operators, academia, and other standards organizations working together to develop an open, standards-based, data platform that will bring together exploration, development, and wells data. For more information, visit

About The Open Group

The Open Group is a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through technology standards. Our diverse membership of more than 750 organizations includes customers, systems and solutions suppliers, tool vendors, integrators, academics, and consultants across multiple industries. For more information, visit

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