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HOUSTON, December 6, 2022 – Bluware Corp, the digital innovation platform that enables the oil and gas industry to accelerate digital transformation initiatives, is pleased to announce the release of InteractivAI™ version 4.

The new version brings industry-leading features which enable geoscientists to employ binary or multi-class networks to capture a range of geologic features, from simple stratigraphic/structural frameworks to more complex facies distributions. Users can now work with multiple different datasets simultaneously, making it possible to conduct a full survey interpretation for all geological features in a single session.
Passive and interactive masking methods allow control over the network training set to target specific data in the volume, so networks learn and predict with a high degree of efficiency. Sparse labelling enables time-savings on even the most complex interpretation workflows.

Users can now generate faulted and/or un-faulted top and horizon bases for enhanced integration with existing geomodelling workflows.

Internal label- or static data-based network validation methods help avoid over-fitting, and customizable networks and loss functions provide greater flexibility for characterizing a wide range of complex geologic features. A powerful new interface provides users with a detailed data science statistical view into the training process of the neural networks in real time.

InteractivAI is a deep learning seismic interpretation tool powered by industry-leading cloud-native data format Bluware VDS™, allowing users to interpret any type of visible seismic feature. The tool works in tandem with the geoscientist, providing active two-way feedback allowing the interpreter to deliver a more precise and detailed interpretation that they are in complete control of from start to finish.

“Our latest InteractivAI version 4 gives geoscientists unparalleled capabilities and control in their interpretation workflows. We are extremely proud of this game changing release which we have developed with active feedback from our user community. Users benefit from the high level of accuracy and ability to extract details from their data which was not possible before,” says Paul Endresen, Chief Technology Officer of Bluware.

Bluware InteractivAI 4 Latest Release Features
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