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HOUSTON, TX – October 4, 2022 – Bluware Corp. expands its Consulting Services business to support all areas of the software lifecycle.

Bluware’s 150-person team, including more than 70 consultants, has a wide expertise in the areas of data science, machine learning, numerical modeling, computational physics, scientific visualization, and geoscience to provide software development and consulting services to clients across a wide range of industry verticals.

This newly expanded business unit actively works with clients to translate their domain expertise into software that interfaces smoothly with their existing or emerging workflows.

“We’re helping clients maximize the value of their data, capitalize on innovative software solutions, and ultimately make better decisions that improve their business,” noted Bluware’s CEO Dan Piette.

Bluware’s core competency services include custom solutions, Bluware product integration, Bluware VDS certification, accelerated Bluware product development, and vision and strategy consulting.

Houston-based Bluware began providing consulting services to clients in 1984 when it was founded as an agile software development company. In 2019, Bluware acquired Oslo-based Kalkulo AS, a research-oriented consulting software company that brought significant geoscience, scientific computing, and data science capabilities.

Both companies merged to create a global consulting business to respond to increasing needs from Bluware´s clients in the wider energy landscape, but also to enable growth in new market verticals where Bluware´s technologies and skills can help further data liberation and value generation.

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