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Bluware and Eliis Announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Subsurface Interpretation Cycle Time

HOUSTON, TX – October 27, 2021 – Bluware Corp., the digital platform that enables the energy industry to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and adopt cloud computing for subsurface data, is partnering with Eliis, an international software leader in seismic interpretation. The two companies will enable seismic interpreters who use PaleoScan™ to drastically reduce interpretation cycle time.

Through this collaboration Bluware VDS™ will be integrated into Eliis PaleoScan, a new generation of seismic interpretation software, which combines innovative technology, computer-aided workflows, and intuitive design to rapidly enhance geological understanding throughout seismic data.

“With the integration of Bluware’s Platform, PaleoScan will empower geoscientists to work directly with the data they need for their specific workflows straight from the cloud, enabling swifter interpretation and ultimately de-risking the decision-making process,” stated Eliis’ CEO Sébastien Lacaze.

E&P companies that utilize PaleoScan will be able to leverage Bluware VDS for significant cloud cost savings. Bluware VDS is a modernized approach to efficiently store, retrieve, and exploit subsurface data in the cloud, on-premises, or through The Open Group OSDU™ Data Platform. The unique adaptive streaming capability of VDS allows the data signal quality to be customized for each workflow, thereby reducing data storage space and costs.

Data can be streamed seamlessly into PaleoScan, making it easy for users to continue conducting their existing workflows. Streaming rather than copying data removes storage needs on traditional file systems, eliminates disk costs, and creates a centralized data library for organizations to access resulting in enormous cost savings and user efficiencies.

Bluware and Eliis are members of the OSDU Forum committed to enabling E&P companies around the world to embrace and customize seismic data solutions on the cloud.

“Bluware and Eliis are providing state-of-the art, cloud-ready technology that will help solve the longstanding challenges around seismic data accessibility and usability,” noted Bluware’s CEO Dan Piette.

About Bluware Corp.

Bluware enables oil and gas companies to solve the most challenging objectives in the petrotechnical world. E&P companies use Bluware to achieve previously unthinkable workflows using cloud computing and artificial intelligence for subsurface data applications and workflows. For more information, visit

About Eliis

Eliis provides a competitive and integrated seismic interpretation software that empowers energy companies to achieve successful subsurface investigations, create new opportunities for energy supply enhancement and de-risk the decision-making process. PaleoScan implements cutting-edge technology, used for the detection and characterization of geological reservoirs at unprecedented levels. PaleoScan is a key asset for accelerating E&P workflows and limiting environmental risk. Eliis’ mission is to provide sustainable and affordable subsurface energy solutions to cover the world’s ever-growing energy demand. For more information visit

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