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HOUSTON, TX – April 29, 2019 – Bluware, a global leader in petrotechnical software innovation, is pleased to announce that Alexandra Mouton is joining the team as Marketing Manager.

Ms. Mouton will focus on establishing brand awareness and educating the E&P sector on Bluware’s portfolio of technology, including proprietary compression and seismic data streaming services, that will allow Oil and Gas companies to cost-effectively utilize the cloud for seismic data storage. More importantly oil and gas companies are now able to implement artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to large volumes of seismic data to drastically shorten the time to oil discovery.

Ms. Mouton specializes in content marketing, digital marketing campaigns, and marketing campaign reporting.

“We are delighted to have Alexandra join our team where she can immediately use her knowledge and expertise to lead our marketing efforts and impact our customer outreach.” said Suri Bhat, Vice President of Sales for Bluware.

Ms. Mouton gained energy industry experience at Foster Marketing, a full-service marketing communications firm serving the energy industry, by focusing on social media content planning and monitoring, digital media reporting, online analytics tracking, and website maintenance for oil and gas clients. Additionally, she supported internal communication efforts at Weatherford®, a multinational oil and natural gas service company.

Furthermore Ms. Mouton, has extensive experience in the healthcare sector deploying national marketing campaigns for product and service launches and leading on all trade show marketing efforts at Healix, Inc., a national leader in infusion management services.

Ms. Mouton received a Bachelor of Arts in public relations and business administration from Louisiana State University.

About Bluware Corp.

Bluware is a global leader in petrotechnical software innovation, enabling Oil and Gas companies to drive business innovation utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to solve the most challenging objectives. Bluware’s Headwave software platform is being utilized by some of the biggest names in E&P to accelerate digital transformation and cloud initiatives. For more information, email [email protected].

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