Anoop Poddar

Board Member
Anoop Poddar joined EV Private Equity in 2017, and in his role as Senior Partner and President of EV’s Houston office, he manages the firm’s investment activities in North America. Prior to his current role at EV, he was the founding member and CEO of First Reserve Momentum, a mid-market private equity firm with $500 million of capital. He also founded and chaired an angel investor club of Harvard Business School alumni in Houston. He has more than 14 years of investment experience successfully building strategic value in more than a dozen technology-rich companies, especially those that substantially improve operational efficiencies and contribute towards global climate change goals. As the energy transition accelerates, his focus has been on electrification of mobility, digitalization of processes, improved efficiency technologies for control of internal environment, grid solutions, geothermal technology, and solar farm optimization. To date, he has helped build strategic value in 16 technology companies, with nine successful exits, across Europe and North America. Anoop holds a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He currently serves as Chairman of Wireless Seismic Inc, Rival Downhole Tools and Workover Solutions, and board director of TAQA.

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