Let us help you solve your subsurface challenges using our software development and consulting services.

Bluware has wide expertise in the areas of data science, machine learning, numerical modeling, computational physics, scientific visualization, and geoscience, which has enabled us to provide software development and consulting services to the most ambitious energy companies.

We actively work with our clients to translate their domain expertise into software that interfaces smoothly with their existing or emerging workflows. We help you to maximize the value of your data, capitalize on innovative software solutions, and ultimately make better decisions that improve your business.


Ready to get started, but don’t have the in-house team to do it?

  • Receive assistance to start using the Bluware platform and its products.
  • Integrate and improve the user experience of existing workflows.
  • Utilize our expert team to build custom workflow solutions.
  • Build your own IP on our platform.
  • Implement and integrate interactive seismic deep learning workflows.
  • Move toward cloud-native solutions.

Tailored Software Development

We offer custom software solutions and integrated testing services, providing the highest quality assurance.


We successfully support and guide your initiatives with a deep understanding of your business goals and geoscience workflows.

Geoscientific Consulting

Our experts can support your organization with specific geoscience challenges and can arrange geological field trips if needed.

Strategic ADVISING

We provide strategic advice on digitalization and other topics, based on our in-depth technical competence and experience with the digital subsurface software domain.




The possibilities become limitless when these barriers are no longer obstacles to universal productivity.