Dan Piette on Generations, Technology and Changing the World

Bluware is creating new technology – we’re creating something completely out of whole cloth.

That reminds me of a saying that Korey Doctorow, the author, and he writes sort of cyber punk-ish books right now. He had an observation, and that is that any technology that you have seen that was in existence when you turned 18 years old is just part of the furniture, it’s always there, whether it’s a cell phone, a smart phone, a computer – it’s always there.

Any technology that you see that was introduced between when you were 18 and 30 is going to change the world. Then you have to figure out how to implement it and go out there and really deliver this to the world.

Any technology that’s delivered after you’re 60 is an anathema – it needs to be destroyed and you need to go in there and stop it before anything else happens.

We’re delivering that technology that’s going to change the world and we know that some people are going to tell us “it doesn’t make any sense”, but we know that this is going to change the world.

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