Paul Endresen is Chief Technology Officer of Bluware and co-creator of Bluware Volume Data Store (VDS), the powerhouse behind the Bluware platform. Although only a high school student in 1994, Nintendo offered Endresen an opportunity through game developer FUNCOM that he just couldn’t pass up. In 1996 he decided to branch out on his own and co-founded game company, Innerloop Studios AS, creating three major titles for the PC and console market including Joint Strike Fighter, SEGA Extreme Sports, and Project IGI. He scaled the company to a team of approximately 30 employees and sold it in 2000. In 2001, Endresen co-founded Hue AS in Norway and was lead software architect and co-inventor of VDS compression, visualization, and compute engine technology. He designed the platform as industry agnostic from the very beginning. In 2011, Endresen moved to Houston to head up the U.S. side of Hue as Director and Lead Architect. He focused on driving the cloud native platform and architecture. Following the merger of Hue AS, Headwave, and Bluware, Endresen became Chief Technology Officer in October 2017. He is currently responsible for the technology platform as a cloud and machine learning platform. During Paul’s free time he enjoys riding his bike around Houston and trying new restaurants with his wife. He also enjoys camping at his family cabin in Norway which has no running water or electricity, so he truly gets to “disconnect”!