SEG Virtual Workshop: Seismic Imaging on Cloud

Time & Location

August 3-4, 2021
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Virtual Event)

About the event

There is selective maturity in the way geosciences have leveraged various cloud platforms. Delivering raw data from acquisition to onshore processing and from imaging teams to interpreters is now common. At the same time, cloud-based software to run reservoir characterization or interpretation projects on cloud have also matured to a large extent, especially when handling relatively small datasets and in order to reduce the cycle time for these steps. To complete the geoscience picture, seismic processing and imaging still stands out as the missing piece of the puzzle.

This workshop brings together  oil and gas companies, seismic service providers, and cloud service providers to understand the expectations from all stakeholders, look at present offerings, identify and discuss the challenges ahead, and create a framework to devise future solutions.

A dedicated session including Bluware’s CEO, Dan Piette, will also address other important and associated issues such as connectivity to cloud, data and software sovereignty, network security, corporate IT infrastructure and regulatory issues.

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