Cumbre del Petróleo y Gas

Time & Location

November 18-20

About the event

Ana Krueger, Geoscience Advisor at Bluware, is joining our Colombian partner Geo Oil Energy at Columbia’s biggest oil and gas event of the year, Cumbre del Petróleo y Gas, on November 18-20. Visit GOE’s virtual booth. In her talk, Ana will explore moving seismic data to the cloud and enabling full visualization of seismic data to accelerate time to first oil.

Presentation: If cloud storage is so cheap, why isn’t everyone moving their petabytes of seismic data to the cloud?

Date and Time: November 18,14:00 COT

Presentation: Enable Full Visualization, Interactivity, and Computation of your Seismic Data and Accelerate Time to First Oil

Date and Time: November 19,16:00 COT

Location: Virtual

Learn more about Cumbre del Petróleo y Gas.

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