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Bluware provides turn-key development services tailored to meet your business needs. We can provide a proof of concept, to a full production solution specific to your needs.
Wind Asset Management Data Analysis Tool

Enables Statkraft, Norway’s largest wind power producer, to maintain wind farms more efficiently and maximize long-term profitability.

Data Modeling, Analysis & Visualization Tool for Monitoring Ice-Covered Waters

Empowers Aker BP to understand weather-, climate- and ocean-related factors critical for running efficient offshore oil exploration and drilling operations.

Interactive Data Analysis & Visualization Software

Supports Equinor to import and orchestrate a range of data types relevant for multi-disciplinary geological scenarios.

Implement Bluware technology or integrate technologies with VDS, to leverage OpenVDS APIs or the Bluware Engine. We provide accelerated deployment of seismic data in the cloud, custom deployments of Bluware solutions, and integration of Bluware technologies into existing systems.

Boost Geoscience Workflow Efficiency using the OSDU™ Data Platform

ENI supermajor, experiences faster data exchange between external ecosystems, deployment of innovative seismic cloud applications, and fosters new digital workflows and insights.

Legacy Tools & Workflows in the Cloud
Energy super major uses a custom-built plugin to transcode from VDS to other proprietary seismic formats enabling legacy tools and workflows in the cloud.
Accelerate Deep Learning Workflows

Energy super major accelerates their internal deep learning research and productization both in training and inference leveraging the power of VDS and Bluware’s scalable cloud compute technology.

Quicker Migration to the Cloud
Energy super major moves legacy applications and workflows to the cloud.
We build a custom plan and certification services for vendor solutions working with VDS-based technologies. We provide certification of proper VDS operation on hardware or software platforms, integration patterns, and performance optimization benchmarking.

A leading oil and gas producer in Asia-Pacific, deployed a joint solution utilizing VDS stored on AWS bringing a step change in turn-around-time, cost control, and remote work.

Deliver Data to Clients in Days Following Seismic Acquisition

Spectrum Geo Inc, now TGS, processed raw shots to advanced depth imaging in only 3 days.

Bluware develops solutions that are future features within an existing or new commercial product. Customize Bluware products to your specific needs and gain exclusive access to our solutions. We can build an accelerated roadmap to meet your needs.
Build Data Converters with New & Existing Tools & Workflows

Energy super major with large subsurface data library contracted Bluware to build a ZGY to VDS data format converter to run InteractivAI deep learning.

Create Integrations with Current Software

Petrel plugin that connects to InteractivAI deep learning tool was built for ENI to incorporate the tools into their workflows seamlessly.

Interactive Deep Learning Tool for Better Understanding the Subsurface

Bluware partnered with energy super major to develop state-of-the-art tools and workflows including a proprietary version of Bluware InteractivAI deep learning tool.

Accurate Estimates for Reservoir Connectivity & Volume

Bluware provided Oxy with a pilot of a software tool that gives more accurate estimates for reservoir connectivity and volume.

Bluware provides turn-key development services tailored to meet your business needs. We can provide a proof of concept, to a full production solution specific to your needs.
Enhancing Digitalization Strategy

TotalEnergies worked with Bluware Consulting to get advice concerning an internal digitalization strategy for the next 5 years.


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