Our client, an international upstream company, developed an in-house method to create non-uniform geophysical models, but struggled with implementation. Since the non-uniformity was applied simultaneously to overlapping areas within the model, the visualization program was unable to handle the conflicting inputs. Each iteration of the model had to be rendered multiple times in order to detect these constraint conflicts, and correcting them required laborious manual adjustment. Every new set of refinement parameters was passed through this workflow, forcing a research geophysicist to spend days on data transfers and manual error checking in order to produce a single visualization. Furthermore, sensitivity analysis on these visualizations was incredibly time-consuming. Every sensitivity case, no matter how similar, had to be manually entered, checked, and adjusted multiple times before it could be used. The client’s method dramatically improved the accuracy of reservoir simulations and economic models, but caused frustration and lost time for the user. The client needed to preserve the improved functionality given by the tool, but eliminate the bottleneck.


Bluware was able to produce a plugin that duplicated the original workflow but runs within the visualization program, eliminating time-consuming data transfer operations. The plugin also automates constraint conflict resolution, replicating the geophysicist’s method within the program logic. Bluware worked closely with the client’s senior geophysicist throughout several feedback cycles, tuning the application to capture his expertise. Our development team also employed a highly modular design process to simplify testing and ensure that we delivered a robust tool. The resulting application translated refinement parameters directly into useful visualizations, without any of the tedious manual adjustments. Bluware also collaborated with the client to improve the workflow: the new plugin allows the user to implement a wider variety of non-uniform configurations, creating finely tuned visualizations at unprecedented speed.


We reduced the time required to create a single visualization by a factor of over 100, freed senior geophysicist’s time while preserving his methods, and improved upon client’s existing methodology by adding additional non-uniformities. Client now owns an efficient intelligent proprietary plugin that enhances their value as an exploration partner for other operators.

Tools + Technology

C#, .NET, Petrel