A client needed a data connector between DecisionSpace Data Services and Paradigm Geolog. The client, however, had scant Geolog expertise and limited resources to build connector components.


  • Bluware implemented the following set of components to demonstrate and provide the following:
  • An RPC mechanism to access the Geolog C++ API from Java code in the application server.
  • Construction of a custom translator to support Geolog database virtualization within Teiid.
  • Virtualization of the Geolog database via the JBoss Teiid system to reveal the emerging common data model.
  • Integration of the Geolog connector with all conventions established by DecisionSpace Data Services and DecisionSpace Data Transfer. This integration enabled:
    • Access to Geolog data using client’s DSDS Odata web services.
    • Access to Geolog using client’s DecisionSpace Data Access Java SDK.
    • Transfer of data from Geolog to OpenWorks using DecisionSpace Data Transfer.


Bluware developed the connector, establishing connectivity between DecisionSpace Data Services and a Geolog data source using a virtual database mapping component between Geolog and OpenWorks Common Data Model.

Tools + Technology

Geolog, Apache Thrift, JBoss Teiid, C++, Java, OpenWorks, DecisionSpace Data Services